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The Local Spotlight: Cure for Caska (10/29/10)

As i look back on the last 15 years of local bands that have come through the Orlando scene, some good, some not so good, every now and then, just when i feel like giving up, i stumble across a rare gem and again i get excited about the potential of the almost forgotten and definately overlooked local music scene. …read

Cure for Caska: ‘Wait and Hope’

Berklee Groove (8/13/10)

Cure for Caska’s new EP “Wait and Hope” is an emotional reflection of a man’s adventure through the next stage of his life. Each song is a well-crafted story that captures a piece of the listener’s capacity to love, lose, and overcome while growing up. …read

CD review: Cure for Caska, Wait And Hope

Creative Loafing (8/12/10)

There are plenty of reasons why the traditional local-band lineup consists of guitar, bass and drums. One of them has to do with it being hard to find fun-loving, road-worthy cellists and timpani players while drinking in a car outside an all-ages club; another might be the simple fact that most local bands are young, and the addition of sophisticated elements and ambitious ideas about instrumentation are things that only come with time, experience and confidence. …read

#MusicMonday, Vol. XV: Cure for Caska, Frank Turner, The Rosebuds, and more

Creative Loafing (8/9/10)

Ambitious, eclectic orchestral rock from Orlando. This new release, due out tomorrow via String Fed Records, is both more textured and more straightforward than the first…read

Album Review: Cure for Caska – Wait and Hope (7/30/10)

Cure For Caska’s music in general is something we can all consider to be in a word, unique; with it’s impressive line up of stringed instruments such as cello, violin, upright bass, guitar, and the solid support of drums. Two years after their first album release, the band has made a comeback with this year’s Wait And Hope, available to the public August 10, 2010. …read

Album Review: Cure For Caska

Twisted Fates’ Cafe (7/26/10)

In preparation for an interview, I was granted an early copy of this album for review. I’m SO glad I got to listen to this beauty of a record. Highly recommend everyone go get it when it comes out. …read

Cure For Caska and Their Ability to Make Beauty Out of Patchwork

Orlando Examiner (11/6/09) defines the word quilt as, “… a stitched cloth; (two pieces of cloth and a soft interlining), usually produced in an ornamental pattern.” In its early beginnings, quilts were useful because of their effectiveness for basic recycling. See, in the beginning of quilting history, there was hardly enough fabric to go around, making full pieces of bedding a rare commodity. The quilter would have to use scraps of old fabric and stitch them together to make a coverlet large enough fora bed.This past weekend, on the 12th of September, I went to see Cure for Caska’s performance at BackBooth in Downtown. …read

Interview/podcast for Chattanooga Times Free Press

Chattanooga Times Free Press (8/23/08)

We did an interview that aired last night (Friday) for the Chattanooga Times Free Press while we were passing through Chattanooga on wednesday.…Listen